Blended Learning – Madrid

Thanks to all the teachers who came to the session in Madrid at the Macmillan Teacher's day. It was great to be there! If you need anything from the talk, just drop me mail! Hope you had a good rest of the day....and apologies for Messi....:-)

Pete on Second Life

Earlier this week a Czech student asked Pete Sharma about traditional education, new super learning and nonsense textbooks during a chat with Pete Sharma in  Watch the video to hear his answer.

Blended Learning Course – 19th – 20th December

What is the difference between Moodle, the Macmillan English Campus, MyLab and English 360? Have you ever tried a Mimio? There are still a few spaces left on the last Blended Learning course of 2009 next month in Stratford - mail PSA immediately if you are interested............