FECEI report

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was attending this conference in Madrid this weekend (9 February 2013) in person, and Pete was hoping to do his presentation from a computer in Argentina. I was very much hoping that everything worked, as doing somebody else's presentation is not easy. The night before the conference, … Continue reading FECEI report

TESOL Spain 2013

Our proposal has been accepted for TESOL Spain! The event is titled “Teaching with Technology and the Human Touch” and Kevin and Byron will be making a contribution entitled “Producing Materials for Blended Learning: Including the Individual". It is scheduled for 9am on the Saturday. Seville is one of my favourite places, so I am … Continue reading TESOL Spain 2013

Mind maps

I am in the middle of writing some training materials on using digital resources in language teaching and came across this mind map on using mind maps. I have to admit that I am not somebody who uses mind maps a great deal, but they are a tool I find useful in certain situations. This … Continue reading Mind maps

New competition

Our next newsletter will be coming out soon. In the meantime, you can take part in our latest competition by going to the competition page and giving us a response to the question there. The page is here.