Many thanks to everyone who attended the Apptastic webinar last Friday. It was great to deliver this in London. I said I would post a list of apps mentioned in the language part of the talk - and here it is! Apptastic Thanks a lot to Macmillan for inviting me to present! Here's info on … Continue reading Apptastic

Roadshow – Argentina: Plenary Handouts

The amazing Roadshow has come to an end. Wow. What an experience...... could I ever forget......: do you PRONOUNCE it? spell it? agonising over whether a carnivore should or shouldn't eat cuddly animals llike llamas...can you resist llama kidneys in white wine...... Salta....agonising over whether sucking coca leaves is (or isn't) legal.... Running (by … Continue reading Roadshow – Argentina: Plenary Handouts

Izmir, Turkey

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Izmir, Turkey last weekend. Hard eating choices - meat or fish? Luckily (like Blended Learning) I managed the best of both worlds. Thanks to everyone for coming to my talk - here are the References, as promised. References I'll be back in Turkey (sponsored by Macmillan) in December for … Continue reading Izmir, Turkey

40 practical ideas for using technology in language teaching – Chile

It was really great to meet everyone in Chile last week. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions covering 40 practical ideas - run in Vina del Mar (Thursday) and Santiago (Friday). On the personal front, it was fabulous to have a chance to take photos in Valparaiso [left]. As promised, here is a Handout with a … Continue reading 40 practical ideas for using technology in language teaching – Chile

Macmillan online conference – Handouts and links

Here's all the LINKS and MATERIALS from my conference talk: Download Barney Barrett's fantastic lesson using Google Earth - Directions directions Watch the authors of 400 Ideas on Macmillan ELT's YouTube channel Download a template for generating ideas for use with an IWB template Read Wayne Trottman' brain-melting review of our sumptuous tome Download … Continue reading Macmillan online conference – Handouts and links