Review of Sounds in the ELTJ

Nice to see the first app to win an ELTon! I'm pleased to say that my review of Sounds has just been published in the ELTJ. So, if you are interested in reading it, please visit the following site: ELTJ Review Enjoy!

Turning blended learning around – by 360 degrees?

Pete Sharma examines a new platform for producing top-notch web-driven business English programmes. Many business English providers believe that 'blended learning', combining face-to-face teaching with online support, is best. But creating such a course is far from easy. What happens after the needs analysis tells you that your students need to prepare a presentation on … Continue reading Turning blended learning around – by 360 degrees?

Review: Ideas for using Interactive Whiteboards

Can it be empirically proved that using an IWB improves educational outcomes? Clearly, longitudinal studies are necessary before any serious pronouncements can be made. The fact that better presentations are possible using an IWB (Task 1997), kinaesthetic students are catered for (Parkinson 2008) and lesson review is superior (Nostalgia 2004) should, I believe, be largely … Continue reading Review: Ideas for using Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboards for Education

Just received a digital copy of Interactive Whiteboards for Education: Theory, Research and Practice edited by Michael Thomas and Euline Cutrim Schmid for review purposes. Thanks As I leaf through the virtual pages, I encounter the contribution from our own Byron Russell, Woodstock Publishing. There are sections on classroom research, professional development, and an afterword … Continue reading Interactive Whiteboards for Education

Electronic dictionary on DVD Rom

Exciting developmenst in the world of electronic dictionaries. Longman have 'raised the bar' with their latest offering, which is on DVD-ROM. It took Barney and myself a while to load it, and we are keen to explore it! More anon when we have had a play....