Networking in Poznan

Hovering around the Macmillan stand at BESIG last weekend, I was asked: "What's your favourite thing about your new book?" Without thinking, I said: "the unique 'Social planner' at the back." This is where students can combine the power of print with the fixed sentence head ("I was born in..."), and the power of the pen, … Continue reading Networking in Poznan

Electronic dictionary on DVD Rom

Exciting developmenst in the world of electronic dictionaries. Longman have 'raised the bar' with their latest offering, which is on DVD-ROM. It took Barney and myself a while to load it, and we are keen to explore it! More anon when we have had a play....

Online listening –

Here's a website that contains a large number of authentic videos that could form the basis for listening and discussion lessons with higher-level learners. hosts videos of presentations by a remarkable range of people including environmental activist: Al Gore, founder of Jeff Bezos, particle physicist: Brian Cox, musician: Evelyn Glennie, author: Dave Eggers, economist: … Continue reading Online listening –

Reviews in brief – EL Gazette

The CD-ROM (Science - Macmillan Vocabulary Practice Series by Keith Kelly; Macmillan) is of tremendous value, allowing users to listen to the pronunciation of words and providing exciting mind-mapping software, as well as animations. To read the complete review, as well as the other 'Reviews in brief', see this month's EL Gazette.

Latest business English e-lesson

Macmillan have just uploaded the latest e-lesson called 'You're fired!'. It is about the winner of the TV show 'The Apprentice' and focuses on being 'economical with the truth' at a job interview. Enjoy!