Mind maps

I am in the middle of writing some training materials on using digital resources in language teaching and came across this mind map on using mind maps. I have to admit that I am not somebody who uses mind maps a great deal, but they are a tool I find useful in certain situations. This … Continue reading Mind maps

Virtual Round Table

On Sunday I am making my second appearance at the Virtual Round Table organised by Heike Philp and her excellent team. There were a couple of IT issues last time that meant this is really my third appearance as I ended up repeating the talk last time. I think the technology has become reliable enough … Continue reading Virtual Round Table

The digital divide

One of the things that fascinates me is the way in which EFL teachers appear to be so divided on the subject of using learning technologies (LT). I'm more than a generation away from being a digital native or whatever term you prefer, but it seems obvious to me that, as a professional teacher, it … Continue reading The digital divide