Phonemic chart in interactive whiteboard software

Pronunciation graphicI spent most of today being filmed demonstrating the New Inside Out Digital software for Interactive whiteboards (Macmillan).

One of the most exciting features in the software is the phonemic chart. Click on the symbol to hear the sound. Destined to be one of the most popular features on the software; it was nice to experience the ‘wow’ factor again!

3 thoughts on “Phonemic chart in interactive whiteboard software

  1. I didn’t see the chart download on the book site or its inclusion in resource packets. Wondered when available and how to access. Thanks. Glenn ( ITALY )

  2. Hi Glenn

    Thanks for your message

    The chart is printed in Adrian Underhill’s book ‘Sound Foundations’

    The interactive version will be on the New Inside Out Digital interactive whiteboard software, which is due out around the time of the IATEFl conference in April, or, more realistically, a bit later. I saw an early version and it’s fabby!

    Best – Pete

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