We offer blended and face-to-face courses for all those who need to gain confidence and competence in using new technology to support language training.

Courses are delivered using a mix of media; depending on your needs and availability, they can be delivered face to face, or via a combination of online materials, webinars, video and face to face tuition.

Some of our courses, such as the PSA Weekend, are built around a core of established content. However, we can also write and create tailor-made, modular training courses, tailored to specific requirements.

For example, we can create an in-house two day course for editors in a publishing house, or a complete package for Ministries of Education and local education authorities wishing to train teachers in the use of interactive whiteboards.

Some course types are described in detail from the tab menu on the right of the page. For details of what we may be able to do specifically for your organization, just contact us.

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