In partnership with the UK government’s Department of Trade and Industry, we organise short conferences on the impact of Language Learning Technologies in today’s classroom. These are aimed at heads of department, ministries of education officials and directors of studies and participation is free. These have so far been organised in Madrid, Barcelona and Milan. A typical programme outline is below.

Please mail if you would like to organise or sponsor a mini-summit in your area!

Programme overview – Madrid Mini-Summit

Though it is clear that delivery of language learning is moving towards digital technologies, there is considerable confusion in the teaching profession about how to cope with the new digital age – an age in which the multiplicity of hardware and educational software is increasingly daunting, and a new environment where the students may well know more than the teacher. This mini-summit aims to look at issues surrounding the increasing dependence of education on new technologies, and approaches to resolving the various issues surrounding the implementation of these in everyday teaching practice.

Target Audience: Decision makers at ministry level; key teachers at university & state language institutions

Venue: British Embassy, Madrid

Conference Languages: English & Spanish

Proposed programme:

9.00 Reception / housekeeping

09.30 Welcome by the Director of UK TI Madrid

09.45 Keynote presentation: Teaching & Learning in the Digital Age (Pete Sharma)

10.30 Presentation: The Impact of Interactive Whiteboards (Cambridge-Hitachi)

11.00 Presentation: The E-School Project (Macmillan Education)

11.30 Presentation: The Need for Training (Spanish Association of E-Learning Providers – APeL)

12.00 Panel Discussion

12.30 Aperitif and informal networking

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