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Internationalisation is a key element in the strategies of universities throughout the world. It has multiple benefits, but they tend to fall into three categories:Logo for Tertiary Training Services

  • By making the university more attractive to foreign students, the university can expand the pool of potential students and thus its income.
  • Internationalisation can also provide greater opportunities for academics to become involved in publishing, conferences and joint projects. This makes the institution more attractive as an employer.
  • Exchanges with foreign universities, both for staff and students, are also made easier if a university has a well-developed internationalisation programme. This provides greater opportunities for local students and academics.

PS Language Associates. has recognised the need for training relating to internationalisation. Due to the wide range of fields involved in this process, individual providers are often unable to provide a comprehensive training programme. We have therefore joined with hand-picked associates, each of them experienced in their own field, to form Tertiary Training Services© and developed a complete package of training and consultancy products. We can therefore provide guidance and training in the development and delivery of courses in the English language, language training for academics and administrative staff, academic writing and getting published in English, inter-cultural training, language testing, blended learning, and other areas.

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International communication

Tertiary Training Services© has developed two specialist courses to support both academic and administrative staff in their dealings with foreign partners.

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At Tertiary Training Services©, we have developed a range of skills development programmes to help you successfully develop your career across borders or implement your institution’s internationalisation strategy.

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Some aspects of Academic English, such as how to structure an academic paper, are universal. But the needs of specific disciplines can be very specialised.

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