British Council Training event, Lithuania – Handout

Technologies and the Classroom 27 June – 1 July, Palanga, Lithuania This was a great event - so good to run my sessions between input from Russell Stannard and Nik Peachey. Here is the 2-page .pdf HANDOUT  30 Practical ideas for using technology for my session: 30 Practical ideas for using digital technology in language teaching.

30 Practical ideas – Handout

Great British Council events in Barquisimeto and Maturin. Here's the Handout of the workshop '30 practical ideas for using technology in the language classroom'. 30 Practical ideas for using technology

One-month, online course launch: Getting Blended Learning Right

I don't remember the exact hour of the precise day of which month I got bitten by the Blended Learning bug, but it has been a long and interesting flirtation, through connotation and translation ('co-existencia'), from platform to platform, and recently to research via the flipped classroom......some of the fruits of this labour have been … Continue reading One-month, online course launch: Getting Blended Learning Right

The best corporate blogs – follow-up to BESIG Bonn

Thanks to everyone who came to my workshop at BESIG Bonn on Saturday - braving the cold and the late hour. Here's the link to an overview of the (so-called) 40 best corporate blogs. Great to see everyone - thanks once again to OUP for sponsoring this talk! Photo: Antonio Ponte (Flickr)

Roadshow – Argentina: Plenary Handouts

The amazing Roadshow has come to an end. Wow. What an experience...... could I ever forget......: do you PRONOUNCE it? spell it? agonising over whether a carnivore should or shouldn't eat cuddly animals llike llamas...can you resist llama kidneys in white wine...... Salta....agonising over whether sucking coca leaves is (or isn't) legal.... Running (by … Continue reading Roadshow – Argentina: Plenary Handouts