Going Mobile – review copy

My review copy of Going Mobile has just arrived! Thanks to Cengage and to Delta Publishing. Woo hoo - been waiting for this for a while. Congrats to the authors (Nicky Hockly and Gavin Dudeney). That takes care of tomorrow, then - the review should be coming to an EL Gazette near you, April 2015.....

Online dictionaries – Modern English Teacher Vol. 23/3

I love dictionaries. What’s more, my students love dictionaries. I remember when I first saw a CD-ROM dictionary. The presenter demonstrated, “If you don’t know a word in the definition, double-click on it, and you are taken immediately to a definition of that word!” This was my introduction to hyperlinks, and I was hooked. Since … Continue reading Online dictionaries – Modern English Teacher Vol. 23/3

Blog post on Apps

Marcus evans Linguarama have posted on Apps in business English. The post looks at apps such as Flipboard and Evernote.... http://blog.linguarama.com/post/2013/06/08/Apptivities-for-business-English-.aspx

Mind maps

I am in the middle of writing some training materials on using digital resources in language teaching and came across this mind map on using mind maps. I have to admit that I am not somebody who uses mind maps a great deal, but they are a tool I find useful in certain situations. This … Continue reading Mind maps