The wacky office

Ever felt like sliding down a chute in order to get to the cafeteria? If so, then the latest Business English e-lesson from Macmillan will be to your taste. It’s called ‘The wacky office’ – a place where employees…slide down a chute in order to grab a bite to eat. So, slide on up to the web, print and go!

3 thoughts on “The wacky office

  1. Hi Pete,
    loved the wacky office lesson and will definitely enjoy trying it out with some of my classes. Where did you actually take the radio transcript from?

  2. HI Helen
    Thanks for this great comment!
    The transcript is (like all the e-lessons) written by the author (moi), so it isn’t anything which is authentic or needs sourcing
    really glad you enjoyed reading it and hope it works well with your students!

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